Sakib Hasan

Hello visitor, welcome. It’s nice having you here.

My name is Sakib Hasan. I am a Dhaka based web developer. I work with Javascript and Python.

Aside from that, I am a linux enthusiast. My prefered distribution is Archlinux. I am very fond of its version of simplicity.

In my freetime, I watch movies and read books. Or ride on my bicycle in the dusty roads of Dhaka.

I passed 7th to 12th year of my formal education in Rangpur Cadet College, a military high school of Bangladesh. After graduating from there, I joined University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh to study Computer Science and Engineering.

I have a keen interest in computers and information technology. Physics and Astronomy are my other great interests. I try to learn as much as I can about the stars and galaxies. I am a student of the sky.

Human space travel fascinates me. If Elon Musk can make it, I want to go to the Mars.

I feel bad about this planet, not just global warming wise, but how the social and political complexities, extremism and lust destroy innocent lives. I wish I could change all that. I wish somehow everyone could live in harmony and peace.

Thanks for your time visitor. If I can be of any help please leave me a message.

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